Sermon: Jesus & Money

Pentecost 3, viagra generic Jesus & Money | Matthew 6:  19-34 | June 5, discount viagra 2016

Jesus and Money. Over the next month, this will be our focus. Today, we’ve included an insert from the director of the Faith and Money Network, Mike Little. He says that often when he goes somewhere to preach, he starts by asking the people in the congregation to take out their checkbooks and share them with each other. After allowing some time for nervous laughter, he tells them that he is just kidding. But the point he is making is how private we are about money—and because of that, how isolated we are in this important part of our lives.  Continue reading Sermon: Jesus & Money

Sermon: Easter 6

Easter 6 | May 1, sildenafil 2016 | John 14: 23-29

A very long time ago, when I was in high school, I was the president of Future Homemakers of America.  It sounds so completely traditional that I feel like I have to also say that I proudly wore an ERA bracelet. I was committed to wearing that bracelet until the Equal Rights Amendment was passed—but I am very rough on jewelry. So, after my second ERA bracelet broke, I stopped wearing them. Continue reading Sermon: Easter 6